Maison Floret, french designer

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We are happy to introduce you to our partner Maison Floret with whom we have been working for several

years. The french bridal designer makes us dream by creating always surprising collections, full of poetry and romanticism.

We interviewed the designer in person to reveal all the secrets of the luxury wedding dress brand. 

The creator’s carrer : 

I studied in a school of drawing and art history. In addition, I took creative classes at Studio Berçot, then worked in Lolita Lempicka's studio, then in various  fashion houses such as Martine Sitbon and Bonpoint as a designer/model maker. 

For my wedding, I designed my own dress. It is thanks to this that I made myself known, and that the requests started to flow. I was a self-entrepreneur, so I've been making wedding dresses for 13 years. Then, I decided to officially create my own brand 5 years ago. I created the brand with the young Sarah Abid, who studied business and worked in investment banking in London. We met each other and immediately we had a good feeling.

I was looking for someone who knows numbers, and she was looking for a creative person: Maison Floret was born. Today, we are a team of 7, sometimes more depending on the period.

Maison Floret bridal workshop


Floret is my maiden name, and I chose the term Maison because this brand is a team on a human scale, in a Parisian workshop. 

Why the wedding dresses?

I chose the wedding dresses for the pure, very vaporous and noble side of these creations.What I like in fashion is to create a unique piece, for one person.To look for the right cut architecture according to the bride. This makes the creation more interesting and helps to define the personality of the woman who wears it.

Your main inspirations?

I really like the '50s and '60s style. I get a lot of inspiration from the great couturiers, from Madame Grey to Yves Saint Laurent, via Dior or Schiaparelli. I'm a big fan. Their creations make me dream. To see their clothes mounted and worn on mannequins in museums. Imagining how the cuts are made is something that fascinates me.In my opinion, the trend is moving away from the bohemian side and towards something minimal, with much more plains and less lace. 

Your ideas for the future of the brand?

As a founder and creator, you always have billions of ideas, different ambitions. So indeed, I would like to develop, open another showroom, sell in more countries and be able to renew my collections even more often. To grow naturally, but on a human scale, staying close to the brides, because the idea is not to sell volume. I'd like to keep this. We are already selling in Switzerland, and we also had a period in Belgium.

Your favorite dress?

I really like the Sydney dress from this year's collection. It is simple and very flattering, it highlights the chest, and hides what there is to hide, it has a very simple and glamorous side, as I like. I choose my dresses according to my heart's desire, it's from the materials that I want to make a dress, this one is a good example.

Maison Floret wedding dress

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