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Discounted Rime Arodaky wedding dresses

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Rime Arodaky is a French designer who decided to shake the traditional bridal codes, bringing style and character to the wedding dress scene. The Rime bride is a modern yet feminine goddess. She is confident and fully embraces her body. All of Rime Arodaky's wedding dresses are designed in her Paris atelier and produced by her own couturières.

At Le Dressing Club, we have been collaborating with the renowned French wedding dress designer for many years and absolutely love all her pieces! Le Dressing Club London is always thrilled to receive new discounted Rime Arodaky wedding dresses. We are receiving the samples directly from the French designer's Parisian studio or from bridal shops all over Europe. Read our blog post to discover more about Rime Arodaky.

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Wedding dress Rime Arodaky Sewell
  • -40%

Sewell Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,895.00 £3,158.33 -40%
Feminine. G lamorous. C harming. Sewell is the wedding dress you've been waiting for! designed by the famous Rime Arodaky, this bridal gown is...
Wedding jacket Rime Arodaky Moss
  • -40%

Moss Wedding Jacket - Rime Arodaky

£945.00 £1,575.00 -40%
Beautiful wedding jacket "Moss" is a piece of art! With its modern style and long embroidered sleeves, it was d esigned for the wild romantic...
Wedding top & skirt Rime Arodaky Kim Wylde front bust
  • -35.73%

Kim Wylde Wedding Top & Skirt - Rime Arodaky

£2,083.42 £3,241.67 -35.73%
The perfect combination, Rime Arodaky's Kim top and Wylde skirt. High-waisted crepe skirt with embroidered tulle train, the Wylde skirt will bring...
Wedding Dress Rime Arodaky Jackson back
  • -40%

Jackson Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,560.00 £2,600.00 -40%
Classic. C onfident. R omantic. The wedding dress dream is here ! Jackson designed by Rime Arodaky, is made of crepe and embroidered...
Wedding Dress Rime Arodaky Graham
  • -30%

Graham Wedding Dress – Rime Arodaky

£2,327.50 £3,325.00 -30%
The wedding dress dream is here ! Beautiful, glamorous, striking - GRAHAM is a creation of our favourite French designer, Rime Arodarky. It...
Wedding top Rime Arodaky Gavin closer
  • -40%

Gavin Wedding Top - Rime Arodaky

£595.00 £991.67 -40%
Elegant and striking wedding top Gavin from the French  designer "Rime Arodaky". This embroidered tulle top will be perfect for D-Day with an...
Wedding dress Rime Arodaky Fleetwood
  • -40%

Fleetwood Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,710.00 £2,850.00 -40%
The combination of romance and simplicity, Fleetwood is the wedding dress you've been waiting for. Made with crêpe and lace, this long train...
Wedding dress Rime Arodaky Duran
  • -46.45%

Duran Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,825.16 £3,408.33 -46.45%
The high-waisted Duran dress "Stardust 2020 Collection" by Rime Arodaky. Made of crepe and embroidered tulle, draped crepe sleeves with a large...
Wedding dress Rime Arodaky Delilah
  • -£1,500.00

Delilah Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,416.67 £2,916.67
Luxurious. M odern. I mpactful. Delilah is a piece of art made by the  french designer Parisian girls love : Rime Arodaky. With its...
Wedding skirt Rime Arodaky Clyde
  • -40%

Clyde Wedding Skirt - Rime Arodaky

£1,545.00 £2,575.00 -40%
Elegant. R omantic. C harming. The bridal skirt Clyde, is made for the woman who oozes simplicity. Designed by the famous French designer...
Wedding dress Rime Arodaky
  • -48.63%

Bobby Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,408.39 £2,741.67 -48.63%
Bobby from Rime Arodaky 2020 collection is a full crepe gown with thin straps and a lace rimmed with silk drap on the back. The dress is a quite...
Wedding Dress Rime Arodaky AXL back
  • -40%

AXL Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,666.50 £2,777.50 -40%
Designed for the wild romantic bride, AXL is a piece of art made  by the French wedding designer "Rime Arodaky".  This gown was made for...
Wedding Dress Rime Arodaky Avery
  • -40%

Avery Wedding Dress - Rime Arodaky

£1,833.00 £3,055.00 -40%
Fall in love with the wedding gown AVERY from Rime Arodaky. Iconic, delicate, romantic , i t's the long sleeve wedding dress of your...