General Terms and Conditions


The General Terms and Conditions of LE DRESSING CLUB (hereinafter referred by the acronym “GTC”) govern the relationship between the customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) and the firm LE DRESSING CLUB. The GTC have a contractual value and relate to the use of the services offered by the firm LE DRESSING CLUB (hereinafter referred to as “the Services”). The Services allow to the user of the website (hereinafter referred to as “the User” or as “the Customer”) to consult the articles and the services offered by LE DRESSING CLUB so as they can anticipate a purchase (hereinafter referred to as “the Product” or as “the Products”).


The stated GTC establish the obligations of the parties in their absolute. Therefore, the Customer is deemed to accept without any reservations all of the terms and conditions provided by the GTC. No general nor specific terms or conditions contained in documents sent or delivered by the Customer will be able to be incorporated to the following statements when incompatible with the GTC.

The Customer can save or edit the following terms and conditions being specified that the saving or the editing of this document will be under the sole responsibility of the Customer.


The website mentions the following information:


Article 1: Products, descriptions and photographs


The accuracy of the descriptions and photographs illustrating the Products appearing in the Website do not have any contractual value (due to the alterations that can possibly happen at the time of an online reproduction). Broadly, the descriptions (photographs, texts, graphisms, information and characteristics) that illustrate the displayed Products are only given for information. If a flawed information is given in a product sheet, the Website cannot engage its responsibility. However, the Website commits to correct or adjust any inaccuracy or omission in the shortest possible time after being aware.


Article 2: Condition and Availability of the Products


The Products that are displayed in the Website, and that are available for sale in our Showroom, are mostly unique pieces. The Products can either be second-hand from our consignment services, brand new declawed from the end of the collections and destocks or used from fashion shows or advertisement photoshoots.


Article 3: Pricing


The prices are quoted in Euros VAT included.

LE DRESSING CLUB keeps the right to change the price at any time.





Article 4: Payment and Invoice


Payments can only be made by check or cash. The sale is considered as contracted once an invoice has been issued to a specific customer and the first payment has been made. After that, refunds and exchanges will not be allowed. In accordance with the Consumers Code, the first payment firmly binds the different parties. It is the first partial payment charged from the price of the bought Product(s). The first payment strictly leads to a firm and definitive commitment and it will be validated on the overall amount of the purchase. The sale is considered as settled and LE DRESSING CLUB will be able to oblige the customer to pay the full amount of the Product(s)’s price even if the customer doesn’t want to acquire it (them) anymore.


Article 5: Shipping – Delivery


LE DRESSING CLUB ships its Products throughout the French territory (Corsica and DOM TOM included ) and throughout the world. The shipping and return costs are at the Customer’s expenses. The costs for a shipping and delivery outside the French territory are given to the Customer as proportional to the weight and volume of the pursued Product(s). This price includes packaging, parcel protection and shipping charges. The final amount is subject to a personalized invoice sent by e-mail to the Customer. The shipment can only be done after the full payment of the Product(s)’s price and the shipping/delivery costs. The delivery takes between 10 and 15 working days after the final payment day. LE DRESSING CLUB cannot be held for responsible of the consequences of any delivery delay or delivery cancellation due to transport problems (strikes, riots, demonstrations, …).

If there is an apparent anomaly with the parcel (notably a damaged parcel, opened parcel, liquid traces, …) the purchaser or the addressee of the ordered Product(s) must not open the parcel and report it within 5 working days to a post office so that a “declaration of damage” can be established. The opening of the parcel will result in the refusal by the shipping company (La Poste, UPS, …) to accept a complaint. The Costumer is also kindly requested to report the problem to our Customer Service through helloressi.


Article 6: Returns


If despite all our efforts to meet your expectations at the best prices you are not satisfied by your purchase, you have a 14-day period, starting from the reception date, to return the ordered Product(s), in accordance with the Article L.121-20 of the Consumers Code. The return shipping costs will be at the Costumer’s expenses (unless the return is due to a quality defect or to a mistake in the order). Your refund will take place within 15 days starting from the reception date of the returned Product(s) (we won’t refund the return shipping costs). The refund will be issued either by bank transfer or to the credit card used for the payment. Any order that has not been received by the Costumer must be reported within the next 15 working days following the delivery deadline. LE DRESSING CLUB will initiate an inquiry with the shipping company in charge as soon as the declaration of non-delivery is received by e-mail.




Article 7: Customs fees


Any order made to LE DRESSING CLUB can be subject to custom fees, duties and taxes which are specific to each country. These fees, duties and taxes are at the Customer’s expense and responsibility. LE DRESSING CLUB does not have the duty to verify and keep informed the Customer about the applicable custom fees, duties and taxes. It is thus advised to the Customer to ask the authorities in charge in his country for information if he wants to be aware.