General Terms and Conditions

Consignment Boutique Le Dressing Club


The Products put on sale in the website come from individuals or fashion labels who use our Services to sell their Products.

LE DRESSING CLUB keeps the right to withdraw from the sale any Product with a defect of condition (stains, holes, etc.) that were not specified at the signature of the contract and which make it unfit for sale. This will be made without previous notice and by notifying the individual seller by e-mail in the shortest possible time.

• Mandate

The consignor gives exclusive mandate to the depositary LE DRESSING CLUB to sell on his behalf the listed Products and authorizes him to charge a commission ranging from 30% to 50% of the selling price from the received payments.

• Duration

The contract is settled for a period of 12 months, counting from the date of the signature. The consignor gives the exclusive mandate to the custodian to sell on his behalf the listed item (s) on the 12-months contract. If the consignor withdraws the listed item (s) before the end of the contract period, he will be charged of 10% of the public selling price per article so as to cover the expenses incurred by the depositary. The public sale price is the one displayed on the website at the date of the withdrawal request.

The custodian has the right to break the contract at any time and return the item to the depositor in case of financial struggle or to any other reason. This will take place without penalty whatsoever for the consignor.

The custodian has a 1-month delay starting from the date of signature to report a defect, a stain, a hole or any other damage of the item that would not have been seen at the time of deposit. The custodian then chooses to either return the item to the depositor or to agree with the depositor to a lower selling price and fee.

The period of consignment is one year. In case the item(s) remain unsold at the end of the contractual period, the two parties will decide by mutual agreement whether they wish to extend the length of the contract or not.



• Deposit of articles

LE DRESSING CLUB keeps the right to select the articles submitted. If LE DRESSING CLUB issues a quote for a deposit before having seen the item (s) then the suggested price has no contractual value. This price quoted can only be used as an estimate by the consignor.

Only once an item has been consigned, seen, and, verified by LE DRESSING CLUB can LE DRESSING CLUB confirm the first price quoted, propose another price offer or decide to return the deposit.

• Selling Location

The items will be sold at the Dressing Club's points of sale. If they are not sold at the end of the contract they will be returned to the place of deposit at the end of the contract.

• Selling price

The selling price of the items entrusted to the custodian is determined by LE DRESSING CLUB.

If the item remains unsold at the end of the one-year consignment period, LE DRESSING CLUB might contact you for a possible revision of the selling price.

• Remuneration

The remuneration is paid when the purchaser has paid the entire payment to the custodian which won’t be more than 3 months after the sale. The depositary will make a bank transfer the depositor’s bank account once he has been informed of the sale by LE DRESSING CLUB.

• Property

All items entrusted to the depositary will remain the entire and exclusive property of the depositor, without any reservation, until their complete payment.

Under no circumstances may clothing become the pledge of the custodian's personal creditors. In the event of a claim by the custodian's personal creditors, such as in the event of receivership or liquidation of the assets of the custodian, the property given on deposit may not be seized and will not become the pledge of the creditors.