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The search for her own wedding dress sparked Delphine Manivet to share with other women her vision of the modern bride: one that doesn't necessarily get married at 20 years old, that wants the dress she dreamed of as a little girl without looking like a meringue.

Within a few years, Delphine Manivet's creations revolutionise the bridal world and she quickly becomes the emblematic designer for trendy yet elegant brides. She attracts more and more women, all seeking elegance and romanticism but also several celebrities - namely Sarah Jessica Parker - who wear her most iconic styles on the red carpets.

In love with beauty and traditions, the designer wants to preserve the traditional French sewing savoir-faire with noble fabrics, such as Calais lace, light silks and embroidered cotton tulles.

Le Dressing Club London is happy to introduce you some iconic samples from the famous french designer. They are quite rare because Delphine Manivet now stopped her creations. Don’t wait to book an appointment in our boutique in Earl’s Court. We will be so happy to help you find the perfect match for the D day.


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Zaharus - Delphine Manivet
  • -61.03%

Zaharus - Delphine Manivet

£416.76 £1,069.44 -61.03%
The amazing Zaharus top from Delphine Manivet perfectly suitable for wearing with a long skirt or a classic bridal dress.  Lace top...
Yves skirt - Delphine Manivet
  • -40%

Yves skirt - Delphine Manivet

£775.00 £1,291.67 -40%
Yves is very sleek, elegant, modern wedding skirt with a vintage flare. Delphine Manivet inspired herself from the 60's to create this midi, flare...
Wedding top Delphine Manivet Jersey front
  • -60%

Jersey Wedding Top - Delphine Manivet

£156.67 £391.67 -60%
Jersey is an elegant and simple top created by Delphine Manivet. Made of silk jersey, the bow on the shoulder add a romantic touch. - Large...
Gregor skirt - Delphine...
  • -70%

Gregor skirt - Delphine Manivet

£787.50 £2,625.00 -70%
Gregor by Delphine Manivet is a romantic flare skirt. The multiple layer brings a elegant charm - Flare skirt - Low waist Associate this...
Wedding top Delphine Manivet Cyrus front
  • -60%

Cyrus Wedding Top - Delphine Manivet

£416.67 £1,041.67 -60%
Delphine Manivet created with Cyrus an elegant wedding top to associate with your skirt. Its peotic charm lays in the quality of the fabric, and...
Wedding Top Delphine Manivet César
  • -40%

César Wedding Top - Delphine Manivet

£150.00 £250.00 -40%
Glamour, modern sophisticated and vintage best describe the César wedding top by Delphine Manivet. thanks to the satin silk fabric, this top is...
Wedding dress Delphine Manivet Arsene side
  • -70%

Arsene Wedding Dress - Delphine Manivet

£1,175.00 £3,916.67 -70%
Arsene is an amazing bustier dress from Delphine Manivet. Elegance and poetic charm are the words that define this wedding dress thanks to the...